Portrait Commissions

Erin works with clients to create portraits that capture likeness, spirit, and story. The process begins with an interview to make preliminary decisions about what will be included in the artwork, and at what scale. A following session with the subject accomplishes a digital photo shoot, and painted color study, which both aid decision making and the creation of the artwork once Erin returns to her studio. A small color study based on the photos and sketches gathered is approved by the client before Erin begins the full scale piece. Over a period of months, the portrait is completed, and progress checks are sent to the client. The finished painting is presented in person by Erin. Since portraits range in scope and size both in number of subjects and framing of the figure, contact Erin for portraiture estimates.

Head Study

A head study is a beautifully executed portrait vignette in charcoal or oil, completed in-person. Typically 16"x20" depicting the head and possibly a suggestion of shoulders, the aim is to capture a likeness as well as a character or spirit about the subject. Working from life as the subject comfortably sits in view allows Erin to capture these nuances of personhood much better than photography. Commissioning a head study is as much about the process as the product, since the subject has the memorable opportunity to witness the painting develop. The process takes just over 3 hours, with a short time to set up, and 3 hours of painting sessions. The subject is given frequent breaks throughout the process, and the end result is a fresh feeling rendered image. Starting at $850

Mini Portrait in Watercolor

These loose lovely watercolor drawings of head and shoulders, 4"x6",  are created from life or from well-chosen photographs. With the same dedication to character and freshness, these are a poetic answer for small spaces. $200